Our Sangha (community)

Staff Spotlight: Introducing Robin Lee

Robin has over 20 years of experience practicing massage therapy after completing her training at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 1993. She combines techniques from Swedish relaxation, myofascial release, reflexology, reiki, and craniosacral therapy to... Read More

Yogis of the Month: Edie and Glen Martin

As a young man, Glenn began his career in the car business. When he moved to Punta Gorda, he obtained a degree in culinary arts and worked as a chef catering with Dean of Dean’s South of the Border, first at Edison College and then Hurricane Charley’s.... Read More

Yogi of the Month—Teresa Pamer

I have been married to Dave, the love of my life, for 23 years. My children Jack and Olivia are simply amazing. I was put on this earth to be a teacher. I teach fourth and fifth grade gifted at Neil Armstrong Elementary School. I first began yoga three years ago, and... Read More

Staff Spotlight—Pat Francis

I went to a small Catholic school where they taught with intimidation and harness. While I did have a couple of wonderful teachers who made it tolerable, they were few and far between. School was not my favorite place to be. I was taught to fear the wrath of God more... Read More