Crazy as it seems, we are nearing the end of The Yoga Sanctuary Teacher Training Program of 2012 – 2013. I’m not yet at the point to sit back and try to summarize the experience. Next month, perhaps. Or maybe never, as summary would most certainly fall short of any meaningful assessment of what this entire process has been for all of us. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Somewhere over the past few weeks, we have passed through some kind of invisible door – bringing us all to a more confident space, where we are able to relax a little, have fun, to laugh at ourselves and, yes, at each other. The big thing – the really BIG THING – has been our Community Class experience, where we each choose a local Charity and teach a class for donations. As I write this, only 3 of us have not yet completed this rite of passage. I’ve been fortunate to attend all my fellow students’ classes and can say that, to a person, life BEFORE your Community Class and life AFTER are so different – it’s like you’ve moved to another planet.

Leading up to doing your Class, there is so much apprehension and preparation that, even those who have taught in the past have found it a challenge. We all want so much to integrate what we have learned, and aspire to do The Yoga Sanctuary proud! For me, well, I was terrified. This business of teaching a class has loomed in front of me since December, as I imagined myself forgetting the names of body parts, when to inhale, when to exhale and making a complete fool of myself. Or worse. Tears might come.
So, I worked on my sequence diligently. Practicing on my generous victims. Leaning on Jennifer’s advice and wisdom. Writing out everything I hoped I would say – editing, questioning, refining, finalizing the sheet of paper I would use as my cue card, my crutch, should memory completely fail me during my “routine”!

Then, as surely as the birds leave in Spring to fly north, it was suddenly MY DAY. In a vague fog, I found myself walking into the studio under my own power. Then after a lovely talk about my Charity, the Peace River Wildlife Center, I was “up”. Miracle of miracles, as I looked out at all those lovely, goodhearted people, and felt them ‘with me’, it was as though Tinkerbell waved her little wand and I knew that whatever happened was going to be ok. As one of the other ‘girls’ remarked after her Class, “I felt all that good energy, saw all those friendly faces. We were all there for Yoga and for a good cause. I knew it was ALREADY perfect.” That’s the peace that comes with LIFE AFTER your Community Class!

Now we are approaching ‘crunch time’ – review of our work and demonstration of what we have absorbed over the past few months. It has become obvious that each of us has brought some strengths to the program – some have a real knack for Asana, some have had experience with the philosophical aspect of Yoga, and some are near experts on anatomy. Safe to say, though, that everyone has been challenged – perhaps more than they expected to be. And, haven’t we all faced the challenge! Haven’t we all grown!

Haven’t we all opened a window and let the light shine in on us a little brighter? It IS already perfect.