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At The Yoga Sanctuary, we take an integrative, hands-on approach to health and wellness. Our yoga instructors and wellness experts work together to guide your mind and body toward optimal well-being. Complement your yoga practice with a rejuvenating Massage or restorative Marma Chikitsa session; support your journey with a Wellness Coaching session; work individually with our experienced staff to design the program that is best for you. Whatever path you take, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of relaxation, healing, and transformation.


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Mindfulness Meditation

The Bell of Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation, in the tradition of Vipassana or insight meditation, is a gentle yet thorough meditation technique based in the oldest of Buddhist teachings. It involves paying close attention to sensation and teaches us how to “see things as they are,” ultimately allowing one to see the true nature of existence. Click below for a special series of talks by guest teacher, Carl Eisen, as he leads us through a basic introduction to mindfulness meditation.