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Just as there are many different ways of describing yoga, there are also many different styles of yoga. At the Yoga Sanctuary, we offer a unique blend of Hatha Yoga classes for all levels of experience. We believe that no one yoga style or level is perfect for everyone since we begin our practice from different places. Therefore, we offer a range of styles and levels so you can choose the class that best fits your needs.

In the beginning, you may want to start with one or two classes per week. As you develop and become more excited about your yoga practice, you may want to increase your attendance to three or four classes per week. Remember that you should enjoy your yoga practice and it should be something that you look forward to. Find the balance that works for you!

About Our Classes

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Gentle Yoga is ideal for students who wish to move at a slower pace or are recovering from injuries. Experience a gentle approach to yoga postures that stretch the muscles and deeply relax the nervous system.

Gentle Plus Yogais a variation on our gentle yoga and introduces a short amount of standing. In this class, we might use props such as a chair or the wall. It is ideal for students who wish to move at a slower pace, but would also like to focus on finding balance while standing on two feet!

Level l provides a supportive environment in which beginning students can learn the foundation of a yoga practice while the more experienced practitioner will be able to fine tune the fundamentals of their practice.

Level ll is for the student with a consistent yoga practice. This 75-minute energetic and creative class explores the more advanced practices while moving at a vigorous tempo. Six months of experience or more and a full understanding of the standing poses is highly recommended.

Meditate & Restore uses a variety of yoga practices to calm the mind and body. Through meditation, breath practices, gentle stretching, and relaxation postures, we’ll quiet the nervous system, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote deep relaxation. This class will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Mixed Level introduces more challenging and dynamic postures. It’s recommended to have a solid foundation in level l classes before beginning this class. It is your bridge between level l and the challenge of level ll.

Mixed 75 is the same approach as our Mixed Level class, but 75-minutes long.

Restorative Yoga is a quiet practice in which props are used to place students in comfortable, supported poses that promote deep relaxation. Suitable for any level yoga practitioner, this class will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

Sunrise Yoga is an early morning practice that helps you get a jump start on your day! This morning flow class is designed to awaken the body and mind. It will leave you feeling calm, energized, and ready to enter your day.

Tai chi is an ancient practice that uses gentle flowing movements to promote relaxation, balance, and coordination. Originating in China, Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion” because it promotes serenity while connecting the mind and body. The slow, relaxed movements make it accessible to all ages and fitness levels.

Yin Yoga is a meditative, gentle style of Yoga that complements an active, strength-building yoga practice. By holding each asana for several minutes, students stretch the connective tissues in target areas like the hips and spine, increase flexibility, and explore familiar poses on a deeper level.

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Online Classes

The Yoga Sanctuary offers a full schedule of online classes. This allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home, while maintaining a sense of connection and community. Joining us online is simple and easy to do.

  1. Visit our schedule and choose the ONLINE class that suits you and your schedule best.
  2. Once you register for the class, you’ll receive a confirmation email confirming your class registration.
  3. Approximately one hour before your class begins, you’ll receive an email with a link to your class.  The email will come from: Be sure to put this email address in your contacts so you never miss your class links!
  4. Just click the link in the email and you’ll be taken to the Zoom room class.
  5. When the teacher opens the Zoom room, you will see the teacher’s mat set up with the props they plan to use for that days class.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about this process HERE.

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Tips for your online classes:

  1. Find a comfortable place to set up your yoga mat. It doesn’t have to be a special separate room. Use what you have in your home. Perhaps a corner of your bedroom or living room.
  2. If possible, try to limit distractions. You might let your family know that you’ll be practicing yoga for the next hour and ask them to limit their noise level.
  3. Just as you would in the studio, try to turn off all other devices–except the one you’re using to stream your class of course!
  4. And just as you would in the studio, be sure to adjust your practice to suit your needs on any given day. Do what feels right and try not to force.


Yoga Parties & Corporate Yoga

The Yoga Sanctuary offers on site yoga classes for businesses, local organizations, and even special events. Classes can be held at your location or at our studio. The opening of the studio in 2007 has brought the benefits of Yoga to hundreds of people, regardless of age or fitness level. Yoga calms the mind and reduces stress, with students often reaping the benefits after only a single class. The community wide impact of these benefits became apparent with The Yoga Sanctuary being named 2008 Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year. Now your program can become an extension of an established studio in your own facility.

Here are a few options that we offer:

Corporate Yoga

The Yoga Sanctuary at Work Program provides on-site yoga and corporate rates to local businesses. Bring yoga to your workplace to help your employees relieve stress and prevent injury. Having happy, healthy employees increases productivity and reduces absenteeism. This in turn leads to higher morale, job satisfaction, and work performance. With a staff of highly trained and certified yoga instructors, we can customize a yoga program for your staff’s needs. We provide all materials needed. You just provide a quiet open space, such as a meeting or conference room. Join the growing number of corporations embracing workplace yoga as a cost-effective employee retention strategy. Contact us to find out how we can bring yoga to your office or offer corporate rates at our studio.

On-Site Yoga

The Yoga Sanctuary provides on-site yoga classes to local organizations. The program is customized for each organization from actual classes currently offered at The Yoga Sanctuary in downtown Punta Gorda. At The Yoga Sanctuary, we believe Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Yoga increases strength and flexibility while calming the mind through gentle postures and breathing techniques. A popular complement to competitive sports, yoga can effectively broaden the appeal of any fitness program. We serve many local Churches, Country Clubs, Marinas, and Activity Centers. Contact us to find out how we can bring yoga to your organization.

Yoga Parties

Begin your wedding day with a 60 minute yoga session designed to bring peace and tranquility to your special day. Yoga parties are also ideal themes for bridal parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties, and birthdays. A private yoga party is a great way to bond with others while nurturing your mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga. We’ll provide everything including organic tea and cookies! The Yoga Sanctuary can host a yoga party in the studio or at your location. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your special event.

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Community Classes

The Yoga Sanctuary believes strongly in our local community and in the power of every one of us to make a difference. Since 2007, The Yoga Sanctuary has raised over tens-of-thousands of dollars for non-profits in our community, in addition to collecting thousands of dollars in toys, gift cards, food, and shoes! We are proud to offer our support in a few ways. One of the main ways is through donation-based Community Classes, with all donations going directly to the featured organization. We have supported several local organizations, including: CHEC, Peace River Wildlife Center, Relay for Life, Guardian ad Litem, Florida Blood Centers, Peace River Botanical Gardensand many others.

We also donate gift certificates to local charity fundraisers so please call the studio if you would like us to be part of your event.

To inquire about highlighting a charitable organization that is close to your heart, please call the studio at 941.505.YOGA (9642), or drop us an email!

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Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to prepare your body for birth as well as deepen your relationship with your baby. In prenatal yoga, we learn gentle postures, breath work, and meditation. This cultivates flexibility, confidence, and relaxation in preparation for labor and childbirth. The postures are designed to open the hips, release lower back pain, and connect to your baby both physically and spiritually.

Prenatal Yoga is appropriate for all pregnant women, including those with no previous yoga experience.

At The Yoga Sanctuary, our teachers are trained in prenatal yoga. We offer private sessions to focus on the prenatal needs of a woman. Schedule a private session today to learn how to modify for our regularly scheduled classes.

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