A month into our Teacher Training Program and two remarkable things have happened: 1) we have learned a LOT and 2) the reality of how much is involved in this teaching yoga thing is setting in!

The LOT part includes the many hours we have spent on Asana with Jennifer. If any of us thought we knew what we were doing before, well ….. we have become disabused of that notion! Jennifer, of course is a bit of a Rock Star when it comes to Asana and a self admitted anatomy ‘geek’. Observing her adjusting a posture is somewhat of a miracle and feeling her adjustments in our bodies is a revelation. We can only hope to emerge from this program with a cursory understanding of her knowledge. But, we aspire!

We have also had the honor of a two day workshop with Yoga Master Alan Finger – wisdom and insight, with a healthy dose of humor and comradery. Then, of course, our work with Bonnie on Chakras, Bandas, Nadis and Pranayama is intellectually challenging (wish I had studied Sanskrit in school instead of Spanish) and inspiring. I’m both amazed and grateful that this wealth of information feels less and less foreign. There are more frequent ‘aha’ moments – along with some ‘duh, where have I been all my life?’ moments.

For people like me who want to ‘do well’ and want to learn all I can, there is both frustration and comfort in the increasing awareness that this is a process that does, in fact, take a lifetime. There is always more to learn, room to grow, and experience to deepen one’s awareness.

Yoga is, after all, a way of life. And, this is where the reality of possibly teaching Yoga comes in: it’s a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Asana is not just a form of exercise – it’s a road to self-awareness, balance and total health. Breathing does not simply keep your body alive – mindful breath work directs your energy and refreshes your spirit. Many of us have heard these concepts, but through this intensive study, they are becoming real. DO IT. GET TO THE MAT. Experience the benefits of your PRACTICE. This is a gift you give yourself, and in turn to all the people in your world.