My name is Sherry. I am 66 years old and I’ve been practicing Yoga for almost 30 years….with some seriousness for the past 15 years. This is my third year practicing at The Yoga Sanctuary, and I suspect it was my experience here that put the idea of teaching into my head.

So, here I am, in December of 2012, among 11 other people, on our mats, upstairs at The Yoga Sanctuary – embarking on a journey into the study of Yoga. Each with our individual histories, talents and reasons for being here. Each knowing a little, all quickly realizing how much we do not know.

Am I the only one who is nervous? Daunted by the scope of material we are expected to absorb? And the idea – just the idea – of getting up in front of a group of silent Yogis waiting to be guided through one posture! Just ONE posture! Well, that strikes terror in my heart.

With more than a little relief, I quickly realize that my doubts and fears are shared by the others. We all seem to be a little unsure – some are frankly terrified. Yet, we show up. We carry our bags of books, we do the homework, we manage to come to the front of the room as we are called and, remarkably, before we know it, the first full weekend of classes has come to a close.

We’re all tired, but the mood of the group is decidedly different from our first meeting. Something pretty wonderful has begun to happen. We’re forming bonds, learning from each other, encouraging each other, becoming collectively smarter, stronger and more powerful than we were alone.

Some of us have lived a long time and hope to bring a lifetime of experience to the teaching of Yoga. Some are young and hope to bring the teaching of Yoga to a lifetime of experience. But, we are one in our desire to know more, to deepen our experience of Yoga – in all its aspects – and to incorporate that into our lives.