At The Yoga Sanctuary you will find a community of like-minded individuals and friends who come together to practice yoga. This aspect of yoga practice—coming together as a group with similar intentions—is known as sangha, or community. Sangha originates from Buddhism where it is an integral part of the Threefold Refuge, which encompasses the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. In Buddhism, sangha may refer strictly to the monastic life of monks and nuns, or it may refer more loosely to the community of Buddhist practitioners.

Likewise, the community of yoga practitioners is also known as a sangha. The rich practice of yoga has the potential to go far beyond the postures, breathing, and meditation we practice on the mat. Yoga becomes a lifestyle as we incorporate the philosophy of the eight limbs of yoga into our lives.

Sangha is an important part of The Yoga Sanctuary. Think about it—practicing yoga at the studio has a different effect on us than when we practice alone. That we each go through our practice together, side by side, is an important aspect of what brings many of us back day after day and week after week. This community—our sangha—connects us.

Both on and off the mat, the community we are weaving at The Yoga Sanctuary allows us to interact with each other as a way to cultivate the very peace we seek through yoga. We are able to “practice what we seek” so to speak. The yoga sangha provides an environment in which we can feel comfortable in our spiritual, philosophical, and/or physical practice.

If you are new to The Yoga Sanctuary, welcome to the sangha! Please make yourself at home as you explore our classes and interact with teachers, staff, and other students. If you have been with us for a while, we hope that you have found The Yoga Sanctuary to be more than simply yoga instruction, but also a welcoming community with which you can connect and grow.