Before she passed away, I had planned for Marilyn Bunte to be our yogi of the month. So in honor of her, I’d like to share some of my memories of Marilyn as well as some memories from others at The Yoga Sanctuary.

Marilyn was of my very first students when I began teaching yoga in Punta Gorda 11 years ago, well before we opened The Yoga Sanctuary. She stayed with me back then, and as soon as the studio doors opened, Marilyn was one of the first to come in. A lovely woman, she was not only a student but a friend. She was sweet, friendly, and always smiling and giving big hugs. She was very committed to the yoga community at the studio, always willing to help out and attending all the events. She was a truly a part of our yoga family.

Marilyn was so much fun to be around. She made a point to include everyone, no matter what the activity. A beautiful woman, Marilyn was the type of person that you never forget. She was always “put together,” even before a yoga class! She had a warm heart and was always so thoughtful of others. We were all fortunate to be able to be a small part of her life. Marilyn will be forever missed and will always hold a space in our hearts.