Yoga in Your Daily Life

The Art of Self Practice: Why Are You Here?

By Jennifer French I often reflect on how fortunate I am to be on this yogic path. It has provided me with tools and skills that help keep me afloat when the day to day challenges of life get even more challenging. It’s a blessing to have mentors to go to, teachers... Read More

Yoga for Dispatchers

By Kimberley Heffley: 2019 TYS Teacher Training Graduate and 15 year 9-1-1 Veteran with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department As a group, dispatchers sit. A lot. Upwards of 12 hours for some. Some dispatch centers have consoles that allow you to stand but we... Read More

Yoga & Osteoporosis

Yoga is a simple and, when practiced safely, effective way to maintain and perhaps increase one’s BMI (bone mineral density). More clearly, yoga can help build bones. We build bone strength and density by putting stress on the bone or applying weight and pressure to the bone. The more we safely and mindfully stress the bone, the stronger it gets.

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Forever Young: Maintaining and Restoring Your Vitality

By Carrie Demers, MD As a culture, we are obsessed with looking young.  We dye our hair, whiten our teeth, use botox, have surgeries!  – all attempts to hide the signs of our encroaching age.  However, what we are truly seeking is not to look younger, but to... Read More

Yoga and Meditation

by Jennifer French People often wonder what the difference between yoga and meditation is, believing that they are two separate practices. In truth, yoga has a long tradition that is thousands of years old and, originally, its main purpose in practice was to hone and... Read More

The Four Purusharthas: Kama

The Third Aim: Kama As our investigation of the Purusharthas continues, we come to the third aim, Kama, which means longing, wish, or desire. Kama pertains to the enjoyment of life and needs to be in balance with Dharma (duty) and Artha (means) if we are to experience... Read More