Yoga in Your Daily Life

Yoga & Osteoporosis

By Jennifer French Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together body, mind, and spirit. It has become increasingly popular in our modern times as a way to quiet our busy minds and bring conscious movement to our bodies. Yoga’s many benefits are becoming more... Read More

Forever Young: Maintaining and Restoring Your Vitality

By Carrie Demers, MD As a culture, we are obsessed with looking young.  We dye our hair, whiten our teeth, use botox, have surgeries!  – all attempts to hide the signs of our encroaching age.  However, what we are truly seeking is not to look younger, but to... Read More

Yoga and Meditation

by Jennifer French People often wonder what the difference between yoga and meditation is, believing that they are two separate practices. In truth, yoga has a long tradition that is thousands of years old and, originally, its main purpose in practice was to hone and... Read More

The Four Purusharthas: Kama

The Third Aim: Kama As our investigation of the Purusharthas continues, we come to the third aim, Kama, which means longing, wish, or desire. Kama pertains to the enjoyment of life and needs to be in balance with Dharma (duty) and Artha (means) if we are to experience... Read More

Yogi of the Month: Anita Weisglass

The Yoga Sanctuary: Tell us a little about yourself. Anita Weisglass: I was born in Greece in 1937, which means that I am a survivor of the Holocaust. My family name is Castro, a Spanish name, and that means that my ancestors came to Greece in 1492 when they were... Read More

Yogi of the Month – Cathy Getz

The Yoga Sanctuary: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Cathy Getz: From my first trip to Florida with Grandma when I was 18, I knew I wanted to live here, so when my husband Jim and I retired in 2003, the move was imminent. Jim and I already owned a vacation... Read More