The Yoga Sanctuary—this is the place that I can just be. This is the place I can find silence. This is the place I make intentions. This is the place I’m learning to meditate. This is the place I’m allowed to have “spicy” spots. (Thanks Ms. Jennifer.) This is the place I am known. This is the place I am grateful for.

I’ve followed Bonnie since her early morning classes at the Punta Gorda Club. I had started jogging and was having some back issues. Yoga was recommended. I still jog, injury free, after all these years. I’m just finishing the Yogi Runners series and highly recommend it to anyone who walks or runs and hopes yoga will help.

I practice yoga more now that I’ve retired from a 20-year career at Edison State College. Yoga has become a part of my daily life. I use yoga breathing when I train hard, when I’m nervous, and even when I can’t sleep. I’ve gained mental clarity and a strong sense of calm as a result of a regular yoga practice.

Outside of the Sanctuary, this month I am celebrating 65 years on this earth. Major celebration! I am so grateful to be healthy and feel fabulous. I am also celebrating my completion of the Master Gardeners certification last month. I find much happiness when I have my hands in the dirt.

I love restorative poses as well as challenging poses, depending on my mood. Aren’t we lucky that the Yoga Sanctuary offers classes to meet all our needs? The most difficult pose for me is the cross-legged sit. One day my hips will open, my back will become unstuck, and voilà—full lotus!

I hope to attend the Yoga Journal Conference being held in Florida in November. I love asanas, but I’m also interested in all limbs of yoga. And I’ve forgotten to mention how great the Yoga Sanctuary workshops are. I always learn something new.

I love the Nike slogan: Just do it! But Fred Devito wrote another quote I love: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Thank you Yoga Sanctuary for being a part of my life.