My first encounter with yoga happened quite by chance. I, like many men, thought that yoga was not quite the thing for guys. I was at the gym working out with some friends and we took a yoga class on a whim. Bonnie happened to be the instructor of that class. Guys, let me tell you, if you think yoga is not for men, try it and you’ll be
surprised. I have been doing yoga ever since that first class seven years ago. Bonnie went on to establish The Yoga Sanctuary, and I followed her because of the quality instruction.

My name is Ed Moran, but call me Eddie. I am 68 years young and originally from Yonkers, New York. I have been married 42 years to Karen, a wonderful woman and mother of our children. I am a U.S. Navy veteran and a retired professional firefighter. I try to practice yoga four times a week at The Yoga Sanctuary, and I also practice at home when I can find the time. I attend several different classes of mixed level yoga, including the recently added Yin Yoga, and the more challenging level two class. I feel that I make progress each time I attend.

Since I’ve started yoga, I have experienced an increased amount of flexibility, though this certainly didn’t happen overnight. Learning to control my breath has helped me greatly in stressful situations in my life. I recommend yoga to everyone for this reason alone. Yoga has also managed to relieve a lot of the aches and pains that have come as a result of the wear and tear (including some serious injuries) of having been a firefighter. I have achieved range of motion in several joints that I never would have thought possible.

One of the most challenging aspects of yoga for me is learning to not be competitive while practicing. I played a lot of competitive sports throughout my life, and old habits are hard to overcome. But I’m getting there! Yoga is not about “succeeding” or winning.

Outside of The Yoga Sanctuary, I sometimes attend a class at the gym, or practice at home to yoga videos. I look for instructors who, just as the teachers at The Yoga Sanctuary, instinctively know where one needs some adjustment. When asked which yoga pose is my favorite, I would have to say that it’s whatever the next pose in the practice is, no matter what it might be. So often it is something new and different, and that’s what makes me return to yoga over and over-it’s an ongoing learning experience.

I am honored and very much humbled to have been chosen to be the Yogi of the Month. I consider my fellow yogis to be my friends and inspirations. And as for my favorite quote, I’m going to have to go with that favorite American icon Porky Pig and say,”That’s all folks!”