From Yoga and Vegetarianism
by Sharon Gannon:

Through the practice of yoga and ethical vegetarianism, we can realize that we were meant to live in harmony with all of the other animals and all of the other life. Non-harming is essential to the yogi, because it creates the kind of karma that leads to eternal joy and happiness. According to the law of karma, if you cause harm to others, you will suffer the painful consequences of your actions. The yogi, realizing this, tries to cause the least amount of harm and suffering.

Compassion is an essential ingredient of ahimsa(non-harming). Through compassion, you begin to see yourself in other beings. This helps you refrain from causing harm to them. In truth, we are share consciousness, and harm inflicted on one being (be it animal or human) is felt by all, sooner or later. Some meat eaters like to advance the argument that vegetables have feelings too, so what is the difference between eating chickens or carrots? The answer is simple: Pantanjali gives ahimsa as a practice, meaning you do your best to cause the least amount of harm. The yogi strives to cause the least amount of harm possible, and it is clear that eating a vegetarian diet causes the least amount of harm to the planet and all creatures.

Yogis use the world they live in and the way in which they interact with the world as a vehicle for transformation. A vegan diet is an informed, intelligent, and conscious way to act peacefully and selflessly each time we make a choice, because it takes into consideration the well-being of others as well as of ourselves.”


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