virasanaHero Pose
by Jennifer Arnold

vira = hero
asana = pose

1.Kneel on the floor with your knees touching and your heels slightly wider than your hips. Reach behind your knees and draw the calf muscles down and away from the back of your knees.

2. Lower your buttocks between your feet. Let your sit bones come in contact with the floor. Be sure that your toes are pointing directly behind you and your heels point straight up to the ceiling. Let your heels be flush to your hips.

3. Rest your hands on top of your thighs. Inhale and lengthen your spine up. Maintain the length in your spine and as you exhale feel your sit bones ground down into the earth.

4. Keep the natural curves of your spine and relax your shoulders. Stay for as many breaths as you feel comfortable.

1. Many people cannot bring their sit bones in contact with the floor without causing discomfort in the knees and/or thighs. If your feel any discomfort at all, raise your sit bones by bringing a block underneath you. Continue to add height until you find comfort in both the knees and thighs.

This is a common meditation posture as it tends to be more comfortable for those who have difficulty sitting cross-legged. It also opens the fronts of the legs, stretches the ankles and feet, and helps to promote good posture.