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Svadhisthana Chakra

Svadhisthana ChakraSvadhisthana is known as “the seat of the self,” or the seat of the soul. It is located at the sacrum, just above the base of the spine. Svadhisthana is associated with the water element. All bodily fluids are governed by this chakra. And as a water chakra, the energy of Svadhisthana is a flowing, sensual energy.

The qualities of Svadhisthana involve sexuality, creativity, pleasures, likes and dislikes, and satisfaction. When Svadhisthana is balanced, our ability to “go with the flow” is strengthened, and our ability to surrender and tune into our true feelings is heightened. Creativity flourishes under a balanced Svadhisthana.

The adrenal glands are associated with this chakra, and, thus, the stress response is also a quality of Svadhisthana. Under stress, Svadhisthana becomes imbalanced. Because stress is common in today’s world, taking the time to connect to our emotions, our desires, and that which gives us pleasure will help to realign Svadhisthana so that energy can flow properly.

When Svadhisthana is out of balance you may feel unable to express yourself emotionally or creatively, or you may feel overly emotional. Yoga can be helpful to rebalance this chakra, reconnecting you to that which brings you pleasure.

The Prana Vayu, or quality of life force, governing Svadhisthana is vyana—the movement of prana, or life force, through the nadis, or energy channels of the body. Vyana helps to distribute prana throughout the body, and helps to improve function of the circulatory, lymphatic, and central nervous systems. The mantra VAM may be chanted to bring about the flowing qualities of Svadhisthana. Asanas, or postures, that serve to balance Svadhisthana include hip openers and forward bends practiced in a passive, receiving manner.

When you are feeling particularly stressed or emotionally repressed, tune into the subtler energies that bring your attention inward. Begin to let go by finding release upon exhalation. Let your exhale be longer than your inhale, and let that calming energy lead you to your true feelings. Be ready to surrender to the circumstances of your life.