staff spotlight

I have always enjoyed moving around. After teaching elementary school for 10 years, and the birth of our son, I began teaching fitness part time at our YMCA—aerobics, strength training, weights, loud music, etc. If that wasn’t enough, I took up running and competed in 5K runs until I injured my knee and required surgery. Something needed to change!

I had taken a few yoga classes, but we didn’t have a class in our small town in Missouri. I heard about a weekend teacher training and decided to try it. Essentially, I began teaching yoga before I had really developed my own practice! Even though I was leading classes, I felt the benefits and liked the mindful movements and peaceful feeling left in my body after practicing.

In 2008 we came to Punta Gorda to spend the winter and I discovered The Yoga Sanctuary. Leaving my home and family has always been difficult so attending classes was definitely on the top of my list, and I was a regular at the studio.

I began to realize that yoga was more than the asana and that the mat was a quiet and private place where I could be to sort out my thoughts and emotions. That is what now continues to draw me back to my mat each day.

In 2012 I enrolled in The Yoga Sanctuary’s teacher training program. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the gift of yoga given to us by Bonnie and Jennifer. They encouraged us to develop a home practice which would then guide and inspire us in teaching our students. I was finally starting to get this!

Teaching classes at TYS has been a blessing for me. My greatest joy is my students. We are on this beautiful journey together!