staff spotlight

I began yoga in 2002 as I was finishing my master’s degree and found myself very much stressed and increasingly gaining weight. A friend recommended yoga and gave me some VHS tapes to get me started. I spent over a year with Brian Kest Power Yoga tapes and Yoga Journal magazines learning about yoga—these were my companions as I transitioned from school to work and living in a new location where I knew no one. Eventually I found a yoga studio to practice at, and my desire to continue learning about yoga continued. My outlook on life has changed in so many ways as a result of yoga. I have found a confidence in myself and an acceptance of who I am.

I love the outdoors and enjoy spending time outside. Some of my favorite activities are kayaking, walking, hiking, biking, sailing, reading, and sewing. I am also passionate about my work as an environmental consultant where I am lucky enough to work on projects that help to protect and restore our local environment.

I love a good adventure, a road trip, exploring off-the-beaten-path areas, and boating in areas more or less untouched by people. I have always found spirituality in nature. Over the past couple of years I have been exploring more spiritually, and just over the past couple of months have established a regular meditation practice. In the past I enjoyed meditation but was never able to make it a regular practice. As with other things in my life, I have found you cannot force changes, but they will come in time when you are ready.

I originally began teaching nine years ago after doing a short teacher training program as a way to deepen my understanding of yoga. I enjoyed teaching for several years and sharing my love of yoga with others. As a teacher I am very aware of the differences between individuals. No two individuals will experience a practice the same way because we all bring to the mat a unique body and past experiences. I hope to teach in a way that honors these differences.

I recently completed a 200-hour Kripalu teacher training, a first step towards my goal of being able to offer yoga as therapy for people facing chronic health problems. Helping my mom as she lived through the realities of cancer made me realize that this was the direction I wanted to take my life. The greatest gift teaching has given me is the ability to help others feel a sense of peace and connection in this oftentimes hurried and disconnected world.

Favorite book: Although difficult to choose, my oldest favorite is I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Favorite food: homemade pizza

Favorite yoga pose: Legs up the wall. I often use this pose as a counter to other activities—after a long walk or bike ride it feels great!

Most challenging yoga pose: Shoulderstand