MA, LMT, Duke Integrative Health Coach

Katherine is our Licensed Massage Therapist, Integrative Health Coach, and the founder of SimplyOrganix, a “live food” business that brings her passion for healthy food to the community. She is formerly of the Punta Gorda Club, which is why you may recognize her warm smile when you see her!

When I was very young I became fascinated with natural healing modalities. It began with a curiosity about nutrition, and it evolved from there. I have spent more than thirty years following this path through formal education, travel, research, and life experience.

With an Integrative Health Coach certification through Duke Medicine, a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a Certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, my approach with Health Coaching is to meet the person where they are in life. I help them achieve what it is they need to achieve, leaving my agenda out of the mix. We all know what it is that we need to do to move forward in life. Sometimes it just takes the right person to really hear what we are saying and guide us through.

As a massage therapist, I enjoy the wide variety of people that I come in contact with. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone is able to reach a deep state of relaxation if all of the ingredients are in place. Massage is another tool to help you really get in tune with your body, and it supports the yoga practice well. By keeping the fascia stretched and the lymph flowing, one can go deeper into the practice. I offer a variety of massage therapies at The Yoga Sanctuary.

Outside The Yoga Sanctuary, I get excited about many little things, dogs especially. I love dogs! I also love going new places and learning new things. I love hiking in the mountains, kayaking in the bay early in the morning, running the beach, and communicating with others. I am so curious about life in general and love to read and learn. There is so much to learn in this lifetime. I am sure that I will continue to evolve and grow until I leave this earth.

A few of my favorites:

Book: Hafiz Poetry. He writes with such humor and poignancy.
Food: Anything with avocado!
Yoga Posture: Pigeon

Katherine also shared with us three tips on how to maintain optimal health:

1.Create all-around balance in your life.
2.Work toward eating to maintain an alkaline state.
3.Simplify your life!