Energetic Body

The Koshas

The yoga practice is often said to be a mind-body or mind-body-spirit practice. One explanation for this is found in the presence of the five koshas—the “layers” or “sheaths” that exist to help integrate the different aspects of our being. The koshas help up perceive... Read More

Udana Vayu

Udana vayu, or “ascending air,” is the prana vayu that directs prana from lower to upper chakras. Udana vayu is the channel that leads from lower to upper levels of consciousness, carrying the energy of kundalini—the dormant energy awakened through yoga... Read More

Vyana Vayu

Vyana vayu, or “omnipresent air,” is the prana vayu that integrates all vayus. Vyana vayu helps to balance the other four vayus, and is present throughout the body. It is not associated with any one area of the body, but rather the entire body, and even... Read More

Samana Vayu

Samana vayu, or “balancing air,” is the prana vayu at the meeting point between prana, the inward/upward-moving vayu, and apana, the outward/downward-moving vayu. Samana vayu unites these two energies together. Located at the navel, samana vayu governs... Read More

Apana Vayu

Apana is the prana vayu that involves the downward and outward flow of energy from the body. Apana vayu governs the outward flow of energy on the breath, with digestive elimination, and with menstruation. The seat of apana vayu is the muladhara chakra, or the root... Read More


The individual prana-vayu, not to be confused with the entire category of prana vayus, is the specific function of movement of prana, or life force. Prana-vayu governs the inward movement of prana, which enters the body with breath, food, and drink, and also enters... Read More