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Yogis of the Month: Edie and Glen Martin

As a young man, Glenn began his career in the car business. When he moved to Punta Gorda, he obtained a degree in culinary arts and worked as a chef catering with Dean of Dean’s South of the Border, first at Edison College and then Hurricane Charley’s.

Edie is retired from teaching grades from preschool to college. Her teaching position here in Punta Gorda was at Edison College (now Florida SouthWestern State College) in the mathematics department from 1990 to 2005.

Together they have two sons, ages 30 and 24.

Glenn began yoga in the nineties here in Punta Gorda. Edie began yoga in the late seventies in Atlanta. Both have since continued their practice off and on. They both were privileged to do yoga at what is now the YMCA where Bonnie, the former studio owner, began teaching. They we were fortunate to be there when she arrived and followed her to the Yoga Sanctuary.

Edie began her yoga practice to enhance her life spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Glenn followed suit. Edie practices at least five times per week, including a home practice. Glenn practices when possible. They both practice Gentle Yoga. Edie loves the Meditation/Restorative classes. Glenn would like to attend Level I classes too, as Edie would when her body allows. They are also interested in the Tai Chi class.

Glenn had joint issues, particularly in his knees. Gaining core strength and greater flexibility has helped his conditions. Edie had neck, back, and hip issues. Along with L4 back surgery and stem cell treatments, her yoga practice has greatly improved her muscle tightness and joint strain.

The greatest benefits of practicing yoga for both Glenn and Edie include learning the tools for ultimate relaxation and breathing, and social experiences with healthy-minded people. Glenn and Edie say their yoga practice has made their lives so much better and propelled their health in a positive direction. They say it sweetens the good parts of life while offering them the tools necessary to create opportunity and learning in the difficult times. Emotionally, yoga continues to help relieve the anxiety they seem to awaken to with every day at this pivotal time in history.

As they continue to age they know that so too will their physical challenges. And they know their yoga practice will continually evolve to assist them.

Glenn continues to “chef” as well as work on his classic car collection and home renovations. His most important and enjoyable pastime is helping his sons with renovating their real estate properties. He also enjoys biking and walking. Although retired from formal teaching, Edie finds a continual supply of individuals who need assistance mathematically, and she also tends to other side businesses. She is an avid reader and also continues studying energy work through Donna Eden as well as meditation through Shambala.

Glenn’s favorite pose is the sun salutation for all the integrated benefits it provides as well as its centering and balance benefits. Edie’s favorite pose is Legs Up The Wall because it is all about centering and calming for her. And, of course, more blood to the brain.

All of the above keep Edie and Glenn coming back to yoga. They love the interaction with healthy-minded, giving people. And, for Edie, Melissa has done much to inspire and aid in her healing.

Edie’s favorite quote: “To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” —William Blake

Glenn’s favorite quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” —Albert Einstein