yogi of the month

This month, we are honoring Jane Eckles, who recently passed away, as our yogi of the month. Jane has been a part of The Yoga Sanctuary for quite some time. She was kind and compassionate, and always interested in others. She loved her family and really enjoyed her time at the lake with her grandchildren. She was always an inspiration, full of joy, and had the spunky energy of someone half her age.


“She would wisk into class with her hair done and makeup just right, take some of our most challenging classes, and wisk back out saying, ‘Jenny, that was a gooooood one!’ She is one of the few people, besides little Maya Yonker, who called me Jenny. I will miss hearing her say my name.” —Jennifer French


“Jane was part inspiration and part intimidation. Over 70 and petite, she never seemed to break a sweet in Ashtanga.” —Gary French


“Jane reminded me about the value of taking life one day at a time. She will be missed at TYS.” —Cathy Getz


Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult time. May her spunky spirit live on in the hearts of her loved ones.