Here are some of the great entries from our Yoga Creative Writing Contest. Thank you all for sharing with us how yoga has changed your life!

Amy P. “Yoga has improved my health, wellness and spirit. I cannot thank my teachers and friends for sharing their practices with me and guiding me to more spiritual and physical health. ”

Colleen H. “My yoga practice has given me a quiet place to be, both physically and mentally. It is a retreat for me, a time-out; it gives me a sense of calm. After my practice, I am refreshed and renewed.”

Jan P. “Mobility, flexibility and thankfulness are all words that pop up when I think of the benefits of yoga. Having practiced for many years, yoga has afforded me the opportunity to greet each day with a smile and a heart of gratitude for my physical well-being. I am grateful.”

Paula T. “It has taught me how to listen in to my breath for Peace, to sleep better, to gain balance and center myself as a mother, artist and wife.”

Ethel A. “I am now 72 years old. At age 25 I had two heart attacks, compliments of early birth control pills. This was a wake-up call to me, which led me on a quest for a healthy lifestyle. I was fortunate in the early 70’s to attend a hatha yoga seminar by Joel Kramer which totally convinced me that yoga was worthy of a lifetime of study and practice. It has kept me active and allowed me to introduce Yoga concepts to those around me; family, friends and neighbors.”

Heather B. “I was introduced to yoga by my sister in law. I suffer from terrible back pain as well as depression. Once I began taking classes at the sanctuary I noticed the aches and pains in my body went away, and I felt stronger. Due to my depression, I have a hard time enjoying things.   There was nothing that soothed my ever constant mind that would not shut off.   I found that yoga not only have me peace from my ever constant mind, but I enjoyed and looked forward to my next session. Due to my new work schedule I no longer am able to enjoy it like I used to and boy does my mind and body feel it! ”

Pauline K. “Yoga has improved my flexibility, balance and decreased my pain levels.   It has also provided me with a calmness that is most welcome in my life.”

Kimberly A. “One year ago, I had a ruptured brain aneurysm. I spent 10 days in the neuro unit at Jackson Memorial. When I came home from the hospital, I was so weak I could hardly get out of bed and suffered from chronic headaches. I began practicing yoga as part of my healing process. It has been an amazing experience that has helped me gain my life back. The mindfulness has helped ease the headaches along with many other benefits. I wish I could come to The Yoga Sanctuary every day!”

Hedda C. “How wonderful to look forward to an hour to yourself, as often as you like. Yoga continuously provides that opportunity while working on my physical needs. The guided poses and stretching never fail to rejuvenate my psyche and my body; I always feel better after a yoga session. The frosting on the cake is that I finally managed to get my husband interested in yoga and it is a wonderful way to spend time together and share a healthy interest. I have become an ambassador for the practice as has my spouse. ”

Mary B. “After a serious car accident, breaking the top of my tibia off, a knee replacement a year later and finishing my PT, I joined the yoga sanctuary. Working with Bonnie and the other instructors, learning the breath properly and going inside, slowly by slowly, I regained full range of motion. The patience and guidance of these teachers, made all the difference in the world. Thank you so.

Fran W. “It’s been at least 5 years since I took Bonnie’s Basic Yoga Class. She taught me to love Yoga. She also helped me to better like my body and what it does for me. The practice of Yoga is why I have become more flexible. I thank Bonnie and Jen often. I still practice yoga when I can. Yoga is amazing as are Bonnie and Jen. Thank you!”

Ranee T. “Yoga has given me the skills, tools, wellness and discipline to endure 12 years with a chronic and debilitating medical condition and life’s challenges prior to this event and subsequent life modifications. Today it gives me the strength and courage to pursue newly available treatment that will again change every aspect of my life ~ except my yoga practice, spirit and connection. Wishes for wellness for all ~Namaste.”

Martha F. “My Yoga Practice: Stretch and bow, twist and straighten, laugh with a teetering balance suddenly held true. Life’s petals open, quietly release aches and cricks and fear revealing my heart. I am home.”

Rich N. “Breathe, stretch, transform.”

Robin W. “I have learned peace after devastating loss. I have found body and mind strength,that I never knew I had. I have learned breathing practices that help keep my asthma under control. Yoga keeps my mind centered, and my body healthy. Thank you Yoga Sanctuary, for setting me on this path.”

Martha P. “Like a knot at the base of a willow tree…I was bound by stress and anxiety. Now I can feel the wind in the airy branches of life being unbound through yoga. And like that tree I continue to grow.

Don  W. “Looking for some balance, lazy Florida winter, following the breath.”