While our main focus at The Yoga Sanctuary is, obviously, yoga, we like to branch out and explore other related disciplines from time to time. Yoga is a great practice all on its own, but for many people, it complements another training modality. Taichi (or t’ai chi ch’uan) is one such discipline that you will see on our workshop schedule on occasion.

Taichi is the Chinese martial art that symbolizes the unity of yin and yang. It involves the practice of precise movements and breath that concentrate and move internal energy. Taichi practitioners learn to meet force with softness, helping to dissipate and redirect negative energy. The focus required to perform taichi movements, similar to the practice of yoga, brings about a meditative state.

Physically, taichi has been found to bring about health. In particular, regular taichi practice prevents falls, improves general health in older people, improves balance, and enhances psychological health. It is a favorite practice of many people who struggle with balance and coordination.

People who enjoy yoga often find that they also enjoy taichi. The two practices are similar in philosophy and effects, but their practice involves differing techniques. Combining yoga with taichi—much like cross training in the exercise world—is a wonderful way to experience the benefits of both practices.

If you have not yet experienced taichi, be sure to add it to your must-do list next time you get the opportunity. It will be back on our schedule come October!