Extended Triangle Pose
by Jennifer Arnold

utthita = extended
tri = three
kona = angle
asana = pose

1. Step your legs 3 ½ to 4 feet apart. Keeping your heels in line with each other, turn your right foot out 90 degrees and then turn your left heel away slightly. Energize your legs and actively press through the outside of your left foot.

2. Allow the left hip to come forward a bit, as this will help keep your right knee safely aligned. Extend your arms out to the sides with your palms facing the ground. Soften the shoulders.

3. Inhale and lengthen up through your spine; feel the sides of your waist lengthen. Exhale and tilt your pelvis to the right as you continue to lengthen the sides of your waist. Bring your right hand down to the ground outside of your right calf.

4. Feel your thighs rotating outward. Keep your legs strong as you spiral your chest upward. Let your neck be soft as you turn your gaze toward your left thumb. Be sure that your arms and torso are in the same plane as your legs.

5. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Leading with the left hand, inhale up to stand. Repeat on the left side.

Sometimes as we strive to bring our hand to the ground outside of the leg, we lose length in the sides of the waist. The side of the waist closer to the ground gets compressed and the side facing the ceiling becomes rounded. If you find this is happening to you, try to come out of the pose slightly, and bring your hand to your shin or on a block outside of the leg. This will help you find extension in the side waists and length in the spine.

Strengthens and stretches the legs, spine, and back muscles; opens the hips, chest, and shoulders; calms the mind, brings a sense of groundedness, strength, and balance; helps improve function of reproductive and digestive organs.