Summertime brings with it warm days and a slower pace. Often, our yoga practice falls prey to the sloth of summer. You For example, you may not practice while on vacation and then, two weeks after you return, you find that you still haven’t gotten back on your mat. Sound familiar?

Or maybe your practice is lacking the oomph it once had. Perhaps you take the easier variation of a pose because, well, it’s easier. You know that you are fully capable of strutting the full expression of Parsvakonasana (Side Angle Pose), but you usually take the modification just because you can. Does that ring a bell?

As fall approaches, it’s time to take your practice up a notch. Show up to your mat as though it were the most important action of your day. Then show up to each pose as though it were the most important action of your day. Then do it again for the next pose, and the next.

Taking your practice up a notch does not mean, however, that pushing past your limits is necessary. But if you are not practicing near your edge—the place in each posture that feels challenging yet does not incur pain—then you are not fully experiencing the potential of your practice.

This month—Yoga Month, take notice of your practice. How frequently are you practicing? What is your quality of practice? Could you try a stronger class or a new style of yoga? Could you add another class or two per week? Could you begin a daily practice? Could you add a meditation to your practice? Are you showing up fully to each and every pose of your practice?

Your intention and dedication play a big role in how you show up on the yoga mat. Tap into the potential of your practice by setting intentions and truly dedicating yourself to the practice. You will likely find that your practice takes on a new quality.