jyotishVedic Astrology, Jyotish in Sanskrit, is a sister science to Yoga and Ayurveda. It is the study of the precision of our solar system and planetary movements that create linear chronological time. Comprehension of this ancient wisdom tradition allows for the awareness of how an individual spending a lifetime on Earth is affected by celestial events. Jyotish is a robust science that deepens the understanding of and reverence for the passage of time and the spiritual lessons that unfold. Effects, ranging from the simplest and observable lunar cycles to the complex and profound planetary transits through the sky, can be understood. A glimpse into one’s own karma can be seen as well. Neither the individual nor the collective whole escapes the influence of the sacred sky.

2019 will include several major astronomical events.  Powerful eclipses, moments when the Sun (soul), Moon (mind), and Earth (body) line up in space, will happen on January 5th, January 20th, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th.  On March 7th the Lunar Nodes, Rahu the pioneer and Ketu the sage, will change signs and remain in Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively, for 18 months.  Benefic Jupiter, which confers blessings and mercy, will start a one year journey through Sagittarius on November 6th.  The list goes on. We will explore each of these events in detail as they arise month to month in our newsletter as well as on our Facebook page.

For those interested in self-discovery, analysis of the individual birth chart and current astronomical conditions is an invaluable tool. Knowledge of Jyotish greatly enhances success when deciding when and when not to perform certain activities. Supportive spiritual practices can be considered as well. Whether facing the unavoidable hardships or deserved joys of life, being prepared by understanding the sky under which we all live is certain to be helpful.

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