Celebrate Yoga Month with The Yoga Sanctuary

The Yoga Sanctuary Bingo!

Benefiting the Peace River Wildlife Center (PRWC)

September is National Yoga Month and The Yoga Sanctuary is celebrating! During National Yoga Month, designated by the Department of Health & Human Services, festivities happen in all across the country. Hundreds of studios, teachers, and students join in. Come celebrate with The Yoga Sanctuary, participate in The Yoga Sanctuary’s Bingo Game and discover the transformational power of a consistent yoga practice both on and off the mat.

As it has been since our first Celebration, this year’s Yoga Month Journey is a benefit for the Peace River Wildlife Center, a local organization whose mission is to contribute to the survival of native Florida wildlife through rescue, rehabilitation, and education. So, you’ll see a quite a few ways to contribute to their mission throughout the month.

We are so excited to celebrate with you and can’t wait to share in your journey. We hope to see you in the world and on the mat!

Yoga Month Bingo Board 2022
How to Play:
  • Pick up your Yoga Month Bingo board at the front desk.
    • One Bingo board per game per person kept at studio, one take home board for reference.
  • To participate in the Center Square 20 classes in 30 days challenge, consider putting your class package on hold and take advantage of the monthly membership fee of $120. You’ll then have access to all classes both in the studio and online! Just let any TYS teacher know that you’d like to take advantage of this great deal! (If you are participating online only the cost is $98.)
  • Complete the challenge in the square and verify it with any TYS staff teacher.
    • They will then give you the bingo marker to mark your in-studio board!
  • A completed bingo row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  • Square challenges must be completed during Yoga Month (September 1 – 30)
  • Each Bingo board with a win will receive an entry into the Yoga Month Bingo Grand Prize Raffle valued at $150.
    • For each row completed, you will have an additional chance to win the Grand Prize. A full board gets 12 entries!
  • All bingo cards must be handed in with PRWC donations by 11:30am on Saturday, October 1st to be entered into the “Yoga Month Bingo!” grand raffle prize.
  • Prize winner will be announced on Monday, October 3rd!

But that’s not all…

We’ve got LOTS planned for the month. Check out all of our other happenings below!

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Exploring the Eight Limbs of Yoga: An 8-Part Series

Each Saturday and Sunday throughout September

Saturdays: 11:30am – 12:30pm | Sundays: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Single session: $25 | Full series: $150

Join The Yoga Sanctuary teachers for this special Yoga Month 8-part series that dives deep into the heart of the yoga practice. Using the ancient yogic scriptures of Patanjali, we will explore the eight limbs of yoga and how they are revealed through our practice. In this workshop series, you will discover that yoga postures, or asanas, are only one aspect of the yogic journey. Through discussion and exploratory practice of each limb, you will discover how your journey can move beyond basic posture work and into the true state of yoga: the union of mind, body, and spirit. Each session will be led by one of The Yoga Sanctuary teachers. Participate in one or all sessions. No previous Yoga experience is necessary.

Saturday, 9/3: Introduction to the Yoga Sutras and the Eight Limbs of Yoga; Sunday, 9/4: Yama and Niyama: Restraints & Observances

Saturday, 9/10: Asana: Refinement of the Body; Sunday, 9/11: Pranayama: Regulation of Our Life Force through the Breath

Saturday, 9/17: Pratyahara: Quieting Our Senses; Sunday, 9/18: Dharana: Learning to Concentrate

Saturday, 9/24: Dhyana: Continuous Meditation; Sunday, 9/25: Samadhi: Complete Attention

Handmade candle holder with Om symbol

Chanting for Peace: Celebrating International Day of Peace

Wednesday | September 21st | 12pm | Complimentary Event

In honor of the UN International Day of Peace and Fall Equinox, The Yoga Sanctuary invites you to this annual event. Join us in chanting the sacred sound of OM 108 times. Chanting OM three times in a yoga class is beneficial, but chanting OM 108 times in a community of people who believe peace is possible, is a powerful and memorable event. We’ll begin with a short discussion exploring the meaning of OM and the relevance of 108. The chant will then be followed by nine minutes of silence to absorb the vibrations of this powerful mantra. This event is free and open to all.

A Lovely Fall Day

Fall Equinox Meditation

Thursday | September 22nd | 11:30am – 12:30pm | $25

The Fall Equinox marks the first day of autumn and the time when daylight and darkness are of nearly equal length. From here, the light decreases until we reach the shortest day on the winter solstice. At the equinox, we are reminded of how it feels to experience moments of being in balance, even if only for a brief time. Join us for a special Fall Equinox breath and meditation practice, during which we will strengthen our connection to the earth and cultivate inner balance and courage for the next phase of our journey.