Meditation 101

Meditation is a practice that brings about a state of mind in which the present moment is fully experienced. It can sound esoteric and even elusive, but meditation is actually very practical. Meditation helps to calm the incessant stream of thoughts flowing through... Read More

In all Earnestness: Yoga Sutra 1.14

By Jennifer French In the Yoga Sutras, one of yoga’s most sacred and oft referenced texts, Patanjali tells us that our “practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break, and in all earnestness.*” When I think on firmly grounded,  I... Read More

The Power of OM

If you have practiced yoga for any length of time, you are likely familiar with the sound of OM. Often chanted at the beginning and/or end of class, OM is a seed mantra, or a one-syllable chant. Possibly the quintessential Sanskrit mantra due to its vibrational nature... Read More