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Yoga and Meditation

by Jennifer French People often wonder what the difference between yoga and meditation is, believing that they are two separate practices. In truth, yoga has a long tradition that is thousands of years old and, originally, its main purpose in practice was to hone and... Read More

The Four Purusharthas: Artha

The Second Aim: Artha The second Purushartha or aim of human existence as described in the Vedic texts is Artha, which means “wealth,” “means” or “goal” in Sanskrit. Artha is kept in check by Dharma. The Purursharthas are not to be... Read More

The Transformative Value of Fire Ceremony

by Lisa Ahrens For centuries, fires have been used by ancient and native cultures around the world to create ceremonies. Fire, or Agni in Sanskrit, is a transformational force of purification and creation, and indigenous cultures have been infusing this sacred element... Read More

Why Bother Breathing to Improve Your Game

The Yoga Sanctuary is excited to share this excellent essay by local Tennis Professional, Jak Beardsworth. Jak writes about the importance of using the breath, particularly the exhale, to improve your game — something we yogis know very well! To learn more about... Read More

The Distant Stars

By Gwen Burdick The billions of years old and never-changing distant stars visible in the night sky make up the circle that mankind has observed and described as the zodiac. Vedic Astrology, Jyotish in Sanskrit, divides the 360 degree sky into 27 stellar... Read More

Shreem, Shreem, Shreem

The technology through which Spirit takes form as the manifest world commences with sound vibration traveling through the Akashic realm of space. The shortest possible sound in Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Vedas, is the mono-syllabic sound or Beej Mantra. The... Read More