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Your destination to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

Join a class, receive private instruction, meditate, get a massage or just unwind with a fresh cup of organic tea Experience the benefits of a yoga practice no matter what your age or experience level Take part in empowering year-round workshops Develop an... Read More

Cork Flooring

Keeps us connected to the earth – the source of our being. Environmentally friendly – made from bark, the cork trees are peeled instead of cut down. Warm and soft under the feet – cork provides a comfortable, safe environment for your yoga... Read More

Honoring Ahimsa in Design

In honoring nonviolence (ahimsa) – we are committed to making environmentally friendly decisions in the design of our studio and daily operations. cork flooring non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) and odor-free paint non-toxic, bio-degradable yoga mats and cork... Read More