melissa meehan






Yoga has been a continuous journey for me. Early on, I enjoyed the asana practice and how good it made me feel every time I met the mat. Then later, I took the plunge into teacher training and finally realized I am a student of life for life on the yoga path.

I started yoga due to the aging process, and five years later I now realize that the aging process is not going away. It seems that after every restful night of sleep I awaken to a stiff body—spine, joints, and hamstrings that all need to be stretched daily. I thank my lucky stars that I like yoga, and that it is convenient to practice at home as well as the beautiful zen-like studio with wonderful spirits at The Yoga Sanctuary.

More than ever before, I find myself enjoying meditation online with Deepak Chopra. He always brings a morsel or more of insight that seems so appropriate for the day. Also, after reading chapters 10–13 in Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness by Erich Schiffmann , meditation was clarified for me in a way that made sense. It revealed a way to actually practice in daily life and use our intuitive self to make clear decisions.

In fact, just a few weeks ago I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with a busy schedule. I asked for help with the question “What should I do?” and sent it out into the universe while letting it go. Within 48 hours I had an answer via email and I just smiled. A week later I received another answer to the same question. It made me realize all answers can be this simple without the worry and stress if you find stillness to ask for help.

Yoga off the Mat

I’ve always been curious about my purpose in this life (my dharma) and what job I should be doing in life. In meditation online with Deepak, I realized that my purpose can be as simple as loving others, and creating joy and peace for others. I began to open my mind and change my perception about my current job as a marketing rep and realized what a wonderful venue to do exactly that—sharing a smile, giving the gift of listening, lending a helping hand, showing compassion, and connecting with others.

I find my days very enjoyable. Every day is a good day if I am grateful, if I keep in the present moment, and if I offer love, peace, and joy to others. At the Yoga Journal Conference, Aadil Palkhivala reminded us that if you are complaining, blaming, justifying, or making excuses, you are no longer practicing yoga. I love the simplicity. Life is easy and joyful if we can just let go of our thoughts and be present. My precious dog Ella reminds me of this every day!